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Welcome to Omthings.


Omthings started 30 years ago whilst traveling to India and deciding to invest and buy a few of the many local crafts on sale in the small family run shops down quaint little backstreets.

On returning to the UK I bought a small campervan and traveled

around Europe selling at markets and festivals.

This was great fun and an incredible learning experience for my daughter Anisha who was homeschooled, so we could be free... 

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Over the years we have built up great friendships with small family businesses in Pushkar -Rajasthan, were we buy most of our products. Although occasional trips to Nepal also adds variations to our ever changing stock.


ALL of our products are made by small independent families, and we have a vegan and fair trade ethos.


I hope that sharing these beautiful products helps those families and friends rather than purchases from huge factories were only the top man wins...

We now have a shop in Brighton, full of colourful jewellery, sparkle, hemp tie dye, mandalas and so much more. We occasionally do a few festivals and markets in the UK. Portugal is our home and where we spend as much time as possible.


Here is our new website, Luca is becoming a big part of our team at Omthings and is very busy updating and helping Omthings online to grow ...

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